I always look forward to the New Year to start getting excited about the new color trends in fashion. This year is no exception. I am loving the vibrancy of the colors that will be trending for 2019. I personally don’t mind the brightness of these colors, but for those who are a bit shier, you can add in these bright colors to your wardrobe with accessories. You can wear a bold scarf or belt. I love the idea of crisp white jeans with a bold belt. It screams polished to me.

Let’s first talk about the Pantone color of the year for 2019, “living coral”. Wow. This is such a vibrant fun pop of color. My mind instantly gets transported to the beautiful coral reefs when I see this color. It is cheery and fun.

2019 adobe stock fashion week colors.jpg

There are so many other vibrant colors that will be trending, “jester red”, “fiesta” and “pink peacock”. These are in a similar color family and would be great to do a monochromatic look, or even a tone on tone play of these colors. Vibrant colors just exude happiness.

This dress by Amanda Uprichard has a bit of all these colors that I just mentioned. “Pressed rose” is one of my favorite neutrals of the season. This is such a gorgeous pink that is also showcased in the dress by Amanda Uprichard. It is such a beautiful nude pink color that I can see really trending in the early spring time. I can see this color in beautiful flowy maxi dresses or a sheer blouse.

laura villanueva fashion blogger photo 11

“Sargasso Sea” and “princess blue” are stunning colors. Sargasso Sea has a tone of teal, which is so elegant. I can definitely see this color mixed with a velvet texture to truly show off the beauty of the is color. This dress that I am wearing by Studio F has touches of Sargasso Sea with a mixture of other blue tones. “Princess blue” is another hot color for 2019. This color is a mixture of a true blue and a cornflower blue.

I have a “Shop favorites” gallery below, where you can shop items that feature the 2019 Pantone colors. Whether you are in the in the mood to shop for new spring items to have for an upcoming resort trip or want to get ahead of spring shopping I have included a few great pieces that I think everyone should have in their closet.