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“My own body was attacking itself and I had no idea why this was happening.”

In my late teens, I noticed I had low energy and was tired most of the time. At first, I just thought this was how a normal active teenager was supposed to feel. One day I was dizzy and passed out. I went to the doctor and blood test panels revealed that I had certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I was simply told to just eat healthier.

I started to read more about nutrition and did my own food elimination diet to see if my symptoms improved. I tried the Atkins Diet which was popular at the time. I felt better and had more energy. I didn’t make the connection that this was more than just practicing a popular diet trend. Being a teenager still, I missed eating the popular foods that my other friends were eating, such as pizza, so I went back to eating the way I did previously.

I started to notice my food intolerances and allergies to certain foods. Inflammation, bloating, low-energy, dull skin were just a few of my many sympmtoms associated with my food allergies. In my mid twenties, a routine blood test indicated that I was once again anemic and had many other nutritional deficiencies. The results of a more in depth blood panel revealed I tested positive as having celiac sprue disease.

Celiac sprue disease is an autoimmune disease where the ingestion of gluten damages the small intestine. The body views gluten as an invader and starts to attack the small intestine. This leads to damage of the villi. Nutrients have a difficult time being absorbed by the body. My own body was attacking itself and I had no idea why this was happening.

“My nutrition journey begins. Food was the enemy and with every meal I couldn’t escape it.”

As I tried to make sense of my new diagnosis of Celiac sprue disease, I immersed myself into reading everything I could on nutrition. The first step was to begin to heal my body. First, I had to learn how to avoid gluten. I started out by reading about gluten free diets.

Oftentimes, gluten can be hidden in many common foods. I learned about “food rotation” as a way to ease my body back into a state of healing. I went through the pantry and refrigerator discarding anything that had gluten. I didn’t stop there because gluten can also be found in many beauty products. I was in shock at how stringent I had to be with reading labels on everything.

At the time of my diagnosis, there a very limited market of gluten free products. I taught myself how to create gluten free recipes through experimentation with various gluten free flours.

I fell in love with the entire recipe creation process. I also decided to focus on eating foods that were naturally gluten free. For the first time, I felt great eating this way. My energy levels soared. The glow was back to my skin. I could feel my body healing day by day.

Whole unprocessed foods helped my body heal. Eating well is a necessity to my overall well-being. I saw my entire health transformed through proper nutrition. This is where my passion for nutrition and wellness began. This is when I made a life change to study nutrition and wellness.

If my story resonates with you, or you simply want to jumpstart your wellness journey, then this is the place for you.

I hope my website reaches people who share my passion with living a healthy and well life. My website is my way of sharing my educational knowledge and life experience with others.You may be overwhelmed with all the wellness and nutrition information floating around or you are simply just sick of feeling unhealthy. Recommit to yourself. Together, we will create lifestyle changes that save you time and support the healthy wellness vibe that you are meant to have. This is why you are here. You would like to discover tools and tips to make these changes.

I help women like you learn how to do this. This is why I developed the Healthy You Premier Meal Prep Course. To teach other women how to meal prep successfully-even when it seems daunting or time-consuming by teaching online programs with the exact steps you need to create tasty healthy recipes, and giving you the right tools and techniques to meal prep like a pro.

You can continue to wake up feeling unhealthy, continously putting off making the necessary changes that will make you feel amazing or you can start today. Try one of my delicous healthy recipes this week. Implement a tip or trick that I have recommended. Real change builds upon itself over time. Begin today.

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