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 WELLNESS simplified

Helping others develop healthy habits, renew your body, and eat intuitively through holistic nutrition




If you’re considering investing in your skin care, La Villa Skincare is the brand I recommend. I have been in the holistic nutrition field for many years and I believe it is important to only use good quality organic skin care. I created this skincare line with my holistic background to create healthy, safe, and effective products for beautiful ageless skin.




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Hi. If you’re new to my page, I am a holistic nutritionist who believes in a “wellness simplified” lifestyle. I help others develop healthy habits, renew your body, and eat intuitively through holistic nutrition. Subscibe if you want to see more tips, tricks, and recipe videos to help you develop your own healthy lifestyle.

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REFRESH-RECHARGE-REFUEL book now available.

70 recipes with nutrient-dense foods to gain optimal health. I have compiled my best healthy recipes to jumpstart your wellness journey. This includes a variety of great tasting and wholesome foods to enhance your well being. These recipes are quick and easy to prepare. I have included recipes for everyone. There are also some gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian recipes. You will increase your energy levels by feeding your body the proper nutrients it needs.

120+ Pages of amazing content.

Kindle and paperback versions both available on Amazon. Ebook is also sold here.

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I just launched my own skincare collection called La Villa Skincare. I have compiled my skincare must haves to have beautiful ageless skin.




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Laura writes about nutrient-dense foods, creates healthy recipes, and teaches about wellness simplified. She believes everyone can have a healthy relationship with food.

A transforming wellness lifestyle can be attainable for the modern woman who feels like time escapes her. Laura has dedicated her entire life to inspiring others to eat healthy without feeling deprived or spending hours in the kitchen.

Her food philosophy inspires others to get back to the basics of eating healthy foods with her simple approach to gain the confidence to create tasty delicious nutrient-dense meals.

Laura’s introductory new cookbook has recipes designed to refresh, recharge, and refuel the body. Ready to try some new recipes? Order your copy of Refresh+ Recharge+ Refuel here. And browse the recipe archive for more delicious meal ideas. Here’s just an idea of some the recipes you will find within the book.

Quick Breakfast:
Banana Buckwheat Porridge, pg 20
Healthy Egg Hash, pg 12
For the Vegan:
Chickpea Avocado Swiss Chard Rolls, pg 44
Vegan Meatloaf, pg 74
For Beauty Benefits:
Strawberry Peach Smoothie, pg 29
Pretty Pink Dust, pg 10
For the Family:
Shrimp Stir Fry, pg 60
Oven Baked Walnut Chicken Tenders, pg 65
For Dessert:
Strawberry Coconut Balls ,pg 112
Tropical Energy Bars, pg 99










Wellness and recipe blogger, author of Refresh+Recharge+Refuel cookbook, creator of Healthy You-Premier Meal Prep Course, and advocate for helping others develop healthy habits, renew your body, and eat intuitively through holistic nutrition. Founder of La Villa Skincare Collection. I am an avid lover of Pure Barre, Ballet Beautiful, and Kriya yoga. I have a fondness for green smoothies, peaches, and beets. I also love creating new wellness content so others can also live a life full of wellness. When I’m not writing articles for my website, you can find me working out, shopping or cooking up new smoothie recipes. My mission is to help others develop healthy habits, renew your body, and eat intuitively through holistic nutrition. I want others to feel empowered and look beautiful from the inside out.